CFP: Call for edited volumes / Open Cultural Studies

Submission deadline: October 15, 2023

Topic areas


CALL FOR PROPOSALS FOR TOPICAL ISSUES  "OPEN CULTURAL STUDIES" vol. 2024   Open Cultural Studies ( - an open access journal published by De Gruyter - invites groups of researchers, conference organizers and individual scholars to submit their proposals of edited volumes, to be considered for publication as topical issues of the journal.
Proposals will be collected by October 15, 2023.
To submit proposal please contact Dr Katarzyna Tempczyk at [email protected]
Potential proposals for topical issues may refer to a broad range of subjects, including:
  • History & memory,
  • Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian & other cultures,
  • Popular culture,
  • Youth cultures & subcultures,
  • Visual culture,
  • Photography & film,
  • Ethnic & traditional cultures,
  • Comparative Literature,
  • Media & communication,
  • Architecture & urban studies,
  • Multiculturalism, inter- & trans-culturalism,
  • Gender, lesbian, gay & queer studies,
  • Music & dance,
  • Theatre & performance,
  • Culture & education,
  • Regional cultural studies,
  • Political economy,
  • Area studies,
  • Cultural policy,
  • Sports.
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