Definitions between Plato and Aristotle

November 17, 2023 - November 18, 2023
Department of Philosophy, University of Fribourg


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Oxford University
University Tübingen
University of Latvia
Florida State University



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The ‘Workgroup on Theoretical Philosophy in Antiquity’ of the GANPH (Gesellschaft für antike Philosophie) and the Philosophy Department Fribourg are pleased to invite you to the Workshop “Definitions between Plato and Aristotle”, which will take place in Fribourg (Switzerland), on 17th-18th November 2023.


17th Nov. 2023, Université de Fribourg, room: 2.525, Av. de Beauregard 11

9:00-10:15 Jérémy Bredin (Liège): La définition antisthénienne: Adversaire de Platon et annonciatrice dʼAristote

10:15-11:30 Alessio Santoro (Lyon): Aristotle on Platoʼs Definitions of Beauty and Being

11:45-13:00 Līva Rotkale (Latvia): Tracing the Platonic Roots of Aristotelian Divisions

Université de Fribourg, room: 2.102 (Laure Dupraz), Rue de l'Hôpital 4

14:00-15:15 Guus Eelink (Tübingen): Knowledge of Definitions as a Principle of Epistêmê: Why Definitions make the Difference between Epistêmê and Doxa

15:15-16:30 Ina Schall (Leuven): Aristotleʼs Critique of Socratic Intellecutalism in the Eudemian Ethics – Did Plato react to that Critique?

16:45-18:00 Ulysse Chaintreuil (Paris Nanterre): Aristotle against Plato on the Unity of the Definiens

18:00-19:30 Keynote Lecture by Michael Peramatzis (Oxford)

18th Nov.2023, Université de Fribourg, room: 2.102 (Laure Dupraz), Rue de l'Hôpital 4

9:00-10:15 Nathanael Stein (Florida State): Aristotle vs. Plato on Definition by Division

10:15-11:30 Sebastiano Belleggia (Columbia): Definitions without Essences? The Residual Accounts of Aristotleʼs Paronyms

11:45-13:00 Pieter Sjoerd Hasper (Hamburg): Function and Form of Definitions within an Aristotelian Science: The Account of Posterior Analytics I

14:00-15:15 Antonio Ferro (Heidelberg): Are (some or all) definitions demonstrations? A fresh look at Posterior Analytics II.10 and the dialectical chapters

15:15-16:30 Andrea Buongiorno (Oxford): Definitional Priority in Metaphysics Z4 & Z5

16:45-18:00 Andreas Kindler (Tübingen): Form, Function, and Essence: Aristotleʼs Poetics and the Ontology of Artefacts

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