Workshop: New Perspectives on Anomalies in the Sciences

October 5, 2023 - October 6, 2023
PPGF-UFRJ , Philosophy Department, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Largo São Francisco de Paula, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20051-070, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro 20051-070

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  • PPGF-UFRJ – Programa de Pós-Graduação em Filosofia


University of Miami
Federal University of Santa Catarina


National Autonomous University of Mexico (PhD)

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A  deep philosophical analysis of anomalies in science could reveal important aspects of both scientific methodology and human rationality. In particular, it could shed light on the ways in which agents preserve sensible reasoning when working with defective information in scientific contexts, as well as on how scientific communities respond to new evidence, and how anomalies tend to lead to new discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

The workshop welcomes formal and informal contributions on anomalies in scientific disciplines -- with a special focus on novel ways to characterize, reconstruct, and explain anomalies in different areas of scientific research.  Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The role of logic(s) in handling anomalies in science (distinct inferential mechanisms that could underlie the phenomenon of handling anomalies in the sciences, formal reconstructions of historical anomalies).
  • The ontological status of anomalies (the nature of anomalies in science, the limits of scientific research programs).
  • The epistemological significance of anomalies (their relation with ignorance, knowledge, and scientific understanding).
  • The social and cultural dimensions of anomalies (how scientific communities respond to new evidence, how scientific communities respond to anomalies) 
  • The methodological challenges of studying anomalies (the methodological challenges involved in identifying, studying, and interpreting anomalies in different scientific disciplines).



October 5, 2023 Please, note that the time is Brazilian time (GMT-3).
10:00-11:30 (KEYNOTE) “A way to see anomalies and how to live with them”
Décio Krause (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

11:30-12:10 "Semantics of Thought Experiments"
C. Peter Hertogh  (Chongqing University, VUB Brussels, Yulin Normal University)

12:10-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:30  (KEYNOTE) "How Anomalies Drive Scientific Discovery"
Carol Cleland (University of Colorado Boulder)

15:30 -15:50 COFFEE BREAK
15:50-16:30  "Connecting the Brains: Telepathy, Cybernetics, and Anomalous Cognition" Maxim Miroshnichenko (Global Center for Advanced Studies, Dublin)

16:30-17:10 "The Newman Objection as a formal anomaly"
João Vitor Ferrari Rabelo (University of São Paulo)

October 6, 2023
Please, note that the time is Brazilian time (GMT-3).
10:00-10:40 "Logical Treatment of Anomalies"
Jean Yves Béziau (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

10:40 -11:00 COFFEE BREAK

 11:00-11:40 "On the Continuum Fallacy: Is Temperature a Continuous Function?"
Aditya Jha (University of Cambridge)

11:40-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:30 (KEYNOTE) "When Inconsistencies Are Not (and When They Are) Anomalies"
Otávio Bueno (University of Miami)

15:30 -15:50 COFFEE BREAK

15:50-16:30 "Wonder Drugs for Cancer and COVID-19 in Brazil: Natural Theology, Intuition, and Reason"
Julio Michael Stern (University of São Paulo)

16:30-17:10 "The evolution of an anomaly: from contradictions to gaps and from gaps to contradictions"
María del Rosario Martínez Ordaz 

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October 4, 2023, 11:00pm BRT

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