CFP: IVP Early-Career Philosopher of Religion 2023

Submission deadline: September 15, 2023

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Inter-Varsity Press and the Tyndale Fellowship’s Study Group for Philosophy of Religion are pleased to announce the competition for the title of

IVP Early-Career Philosopher of Religion 2023.

This year’s essay question:

‘Is realism about abstract objects consistent with traditional Christian theism?

Prizes: Book prizes are to be awarded to the value of:
1st Prize: £100
2nd Prize: £50
3rd Prize: Copy of We Believe

Books must be purchased from IVP books.

The winner is also to be named ‘IVP Early-Career Philosopher of Religion 2023’

Submissions are welcome from anyone either within three years of their first permanent academic position or that has never held such.  Submissions must be between 2,000 & 4,000 words, inclusive of any notes and bibliography, and are to be assessed on professional philosophy benchmarks, including:

Display of a questioning intelligence

Ability to engage critically with ideas

Clarity in making relevant distinctions

Ability to construct reasoned arguments

Ability to evaluate arguments critically

Knowledge of the history of Philosophy and the Philosophy of Religion

Essays must be written in English and submitted electronically as either a Word Document or a PDF to Daniel Hill ([email protected]) by midnight on Friday September 15th 2023.

It is hoped that the winners will be announced within one month of the closing date.

Dr Daniel Hill (Chair, Tyndale Fellowship’s Study Group in Philosophy of Religion)

Prof. Dr Paul Copan (Co-Chair, Tyndale Fellowship’s Study Group in Philosophy of Religion)

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