Workshop on “Emotion, Responsibility, and Agency”

April 13, 2024 - April 14, 2024
School of Philosophy, Zhejiang University


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Zhejiang University
Zhongwei Li
Zhejiang University

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The School of Philosophy at Zhejiang University is happy to invite submissions for our 3rd Workshop on Philosophy of Emotion, with the theme “Emotion, Responsibility, and Agency”, to be held during April 13-14, 2024.

Emotions play a central role in our moral responsibility practices as well as interfere with our agency. On the one hand, in the moral responsibility literature, the prominent Strawsonian accounts have been focused on appealing to reactive attitudes to account for our moral responsibility practices. Attitudes such as blame, anger, praise, and gratitude have been assigned essential roles in the attribution of moral responsibility. On the other hand, it has been argued that emotions can enhance and also can threaten our agency in terms of participating in our practical reasoning processes. As a result, the relationship between emotions and autonomous agency has become a crucial issue in philosophy of action. This workshop aims to explore the nature of these emotional attitudes and their relationship to moral responsibility and agency.


April 13
Opening remarks
Dong An (Zhejiang University)

Keynote talk: Valuings as Sentiments
Christine Tappolet (Université de Montréal)
Chair: Jie Gao (Zhejiang University)
The Transformation of Emotion
Brandon Yip (Australasian Catholic University)
Chair: Qiu Wang (Fudan University)
Fitting Attitudes and Reasons for Affective Attitudes
Yu Zhou (Sun Yat-Sen University)
Chair: Kristjan Laasik (Zhejiang University)

Keynote talk: Control as the Ability to Persist
Xiaofei Liu (Wuhan University)
Chair: Shiwen Zhong (Huazhong U of Science and Technology)

The Zetetic Account of Rational Trust
Julius Schoenherr (Peking University)
Chair: Davide Fassio (Zhejiang University)
Non-Moralizing Agent-Regret
Dong An (Zhejiang University)
Chair: Xiaoyu Ke (Zhejiang University)
April 14
Grim Tidings: Emotion and Agency in a Worsening Climate
Kyle Fruh & Emily McWilliams (Duke Kunshan University)
Chair: Xuanpu Zhuang (Zhejiang University)

Is Moral Responsibility Grounded in Fitting Emotions?
Jiahe Zhang (Peking University)
Chair: Lun Zhang (Shandong University)
Norm Identification through Emotion and Reflective Equilibrium
Jieting Luo & Tianwen Xu (Zhejiang University)
Chair: Bruno Bentzen (Zhejiang University)
Closing remarks
Zhongwei Li (Zhejiang University

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March 15, 2024, 9:00am CST

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