The Mathematical Legacy of Alan Turing

January 9, 2012
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

United Kingdom


George Barmpalias
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Anuj Dawar
Cambridge University
Nigel Smart
Bristol University
Hugh Woodin
University of California, Berkeley


Benedikt Löwe
University of Amsterdam

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On the 9th January 2012, the programme "Semantics & Syntax" will be officially opened. In addition to being the official opening of the programme, this event will provide the general mathematical public (with strong emphasis on postgraduate students) a glimpse of the current state of the art and explain what is going to happen during the six months at Cambridge.

The day is one of the Spitalfields Days of the London Mathematical Society, named in honour of the Spitalfields Mathematical Society, a precursor of the London Mathematical Society which flourished from 1717 to 1845. Spitalfields Days provide survey lectures aimed at a general mathematical audience.

With four survey lectures of leading experts of the field, we shall allow everyone who is planning to be engaged with the programme to glimpse of the relevance and the importance of the involved fields. We shall also offer postgraduate students the opportunity of collecting information about how they can get involved with the programme as workshop participants or junior fellow.

We invite interested researchers and postgraduate students from all institutions in the UK to come and listen to the tutorials.

The speakers are:

  • Dr George Barmpalias (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China): Measures of relative complexity
  • Professor Anuj Dawar (University of Cambridge, UK): On Syntactic and Semantic Complexity Classes
  • Professor Nigel Smart (University of Bristol, UK) on modern cryptography
  • Professor Hugh Woodin (UC Berkeley, USA) on Slaman-Woodin conjecture and structure of the Turing degrees

Anyone interested is welcome to attend; talks will be aimed at a general mathematical audience. Please let the Programme and Visitor Officer at the Institute know if you intend to come by emailing Programme and Visitor Officer .

There will be no accommodation available from the Institute, therefore participants are encouraged to make their own arrangements. Our suggested accommodation listing can be found here.

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