CFP: SPECIAL ISSUE (Journal of Applied Philosophy): What We Owe Super Soldiers: Ethical Reflections on Long-Term Veteran Care at the 50th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War

Submission deadline: August 31, 2023

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Editors: Blake Hereth (University of Pennsylvania), Nicholas G. Evans (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Special Issue Venue: Journal of Applied Philosophy

Topic: What We Owe Super Soldiers: Ethical Reflections on Long-Term Care at the 50th Anniversary of the End of the Vietnam War

CFP: Military researchers in various countries are pursuing human enhancement regimes in order to attain strategic battlefield advantages. For example, the United States military's research arm, DARPA, is aggressively developing technologies like ADAPTER, a brain implant designed to provide "therapeutic substances on demand." However, super soldier veterans face a profound risk of inadequate long-term care -- an existing problem compounded by the unknown long-term side effects of many enhancement drugs and technologies. Sadly, the topics of disenhancement and long-term care for super soldiers have been overshadowed by other ethical inquiries, with the result that long-term care is scarcely addressed in the literature. Alongside other scholars seeking to bring greater attention to super soldier veteran care, our special issue aims to redress this oversight in the literature.

Confirmed Contributors: Blake Hereth (UPenn), Nicholas G. Evans (UMass Lowell), Adam Henschke (University of Twente), Łukasz Kamieński (Jagiellonian University in Krakow), Pierre Bourgois (Catholic University of the West)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Persons from traditionally underrepresented groups in philosophy and bioethics (e.g., women, BIPOC, disabled, neurodivergent, LGBTQ scholars) are especially encouraged to submit. 

Timeline: Only abstracts (min. 250 words) will be considered. Please submit by 31 August 2023. The guest editors (Hereth and Evans) will review submissions in September and provide notification of acceptance in the special issue proposal by 30 September. The special issue proposal will then be submitted to the Journal of Applied Philosophy for consideration and, if approved, sent for anonymous peer review. Please be aware that the guest editors cannot guarantee inclusion in the final product, as the guest editors have no control over the peer review process.

Submission email: Please submit abstracts (min. 250 words) to [email protected].

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