CFP: Mississippi Philosophical Association 2024 Annual Meeting

Submission deadline: November 15, 2023

Conference date(s):
March 1, 2024 - March 2, 2024

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, Mississippi University for Women
Columbus, United States

Topic areas


Mississippi Philosophical Association Annual Conference CFP

March 1-2, 2024

Hosted by Mississippi University for Women


Conference theme:



Partnering with

philoSOPHIA: society for continental feminism


Travis Holloway

SUNY Farmingdale


Presciently anticipating the creation of “artificial” life, automation, and the destruction of the earth, Hannah Arendt describes our human condition and its future trajectory as one where we wish to exchange the world, as it has been given, for one of our own making. In response, to what she calls this “future man,” Arendt asserts, “What I propose, therefore, is very simple: it is nothing more than to think what we are doing.” The theme of this 2-day conference Philosophies of the Future asks us to think about what we are doing in our current earthly/world climate. How may philosophical thought drive conversations regarding our future human condition? Can philosophy help us lead the good life in the wake of climate change, social injustice, globalization, artificial intelligence, and the vocationalization of universities? Possible topics include, but are not limited to: environmental ethics, new and emerging technologies, philosophy of sex/gender, medical ethics, teaching philosophy, new directions in aesthetics, decolonial studies, food ethics, philosophy of time and ways of understanding the future etc.

The first day of the conference is an open call for all philosophical disciplines and their engagement with the future, broadly construed.

For the second day of the conference, we are partnering with philoSOPHIA: a society for continental feminism to focus on feminist philosophies of the future, broadly construed. We welcome submissions that bridge feminist thought and continental philosophy with other critical, cultural, gender, literary, queer, race, disability, social, political theories. Mississippi University for Women is the first state-supported college for women. In keeping with the university’s historic mission to promote inclusive learning, the second day of this conference furthers its goal of combatting sex/gender discrimination.

Submission Details: Deadline November 15th, 2023


While the MPA is a regional organization, we seek broad participation in this conference. Philosophers from all institutions and locations are encouraged to submit abstracts.

Submission should include a title page with the title, author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address. A 500-word abstract should be prepared for anonymous review and sent as a separate pdf file. Please note which day you would like to present. Email all submissions to Dr. Jill Drouillard [email protected]

Undergraduate panel in feminist philosophy:


We will host an undergraduate student panel in feminist philosophy. To be considered, undergraduate students must submit a full paper for an approximate 20-minute presentation and include their undergraduate status on the title page of their submission. Accepted papers will be included in the inaugural issue of

Medusa: Journal of Undergraduate Feminist Philosophy, housed at the Mississippi University for Women.

The MPA Graduate Student Presentation Prize ($200): 

If you are a graduate student and want to be eligible for this prize, please submit a full paper for an approximate 20-minute presentation and note your graduate student status on the title page of your submission.

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