Digital Worlds Workshop 2024

April 19, 2024 - April 21, 2024

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University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
University Of Texas Rio Grande VAlley

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The distinction between “being on the internet” and “being in the real world” is eroding. People can increasingly be said to “live on their phones” or other devices. This workshop aims to interrogate the meaning and structure of the world and the self as mediated by such devices. This year, our theme is DIGTAL LACUNAE.We are especially interested in papers addressing under exploredquestions raised by new technologies. For instance, questions surrounding the security and privacy of our information are widely discussed. In what ways has this conversation become myopic? What lacunae are produced that remain to be explored? How might we reframe the issue to uncover new, and perhaps more important, issues? Or,people are talking a lot about the ethics of AI generated student papers. But less discussion surrounds the aesthetic value of AI generated work or the ways in which interacting with AI agents shapes our own writing and thinking.

The purpose of this workshop is to collaboratively develop works-in-progress with an eye toward publication. This is a pre-read workshop with each paper having a designated commenter to lead the conversation, rather than formal conference presentations.

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