Empirical Epistemology

September 14, 2023 - September 15, 2023
University of Glasgow

United Kingdom

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  • Scots Philosophical Association


University of California, Riverside
University of Glasgow

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Conference: Empirical Epistemology

14-15 September, University of Glasgow; Reid Room, 67 Oakfield Ave., Glasgow G12 8LP

zoom link: https://uofglasgow.zoom.us/j/83221218202?pwd=LzhsSEZTcDh4MjVoczFPREkrNjRmdz09

14 September

9:15 Jack Lyons (Glasgow): opening comments

9:20-10:50 Adam Bricker (Turku): True belief about knowledge; or, epistemology's epistemological problem 

11-12:30 Jessie Munton (Cambridge): Rational inquiry

12:30-2:30l unch break

2:30-4 Giacomo Melis (Stirling): Thinking about metacognition: the contribution of epistemology 

4:10-5:40 Alison Springle (Oklahoma/Miami), with Seth Goldwasser (Pittsburgh): Epistemic arrogance & epistemic shame 

15 September

11-12:30 Grace Helton (Princeton): Emotion and salience

12:30-2:30 lunch break

2:30-4 Harmen Ghijsen (Radboud): “Bizarre” conspiracy beliefs: what’s the relevant belief-forming process?  

4:10-5:40 Peter Graham (UC Riverside): The epistemology of testimony and social norms. 

This conference is made possible by the generous support of the Scots Philosophical Association.

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