XV Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art, and Morality: Philosophy and Film (València, September 18-20, 2023)

September 18, 2023 - September 20, 2023
University of Valencia



University of Chicago


Universitat de Valencia

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The Inter-University Workshop on Mind, Art and Morality promotes the interconnections across different areas in philosophy and, more specifically it favors the study of issues lying at the intersection of ethics, aesthetics and the philosophy of mind. In previous editions, the Workshop has been devoted either to the production of a particular philosoher, such as Richard Wollheim, Jonathan Dancy, Christine Korsgaard, Shaun Nichols, David Filkenstein, and Malcolm Budd; or to explore topics like the Philosophy of Music (with Peter Kivy, Noël Carroll or Derek Matravers), Self-Knowledge (with David Filkenstein and Sarah Sawyer) Art and Negative Emotions (with Susan Feagin and Eileen John) or the Cognitive Value of Fiction (with Gregory Currie). The 2023 edition is meant to explore all sorts of interconnections between philosophy and film.

Keynote Speaker

Robert Pippin (University of Chicago)


Sala de Graus (1st Floor)
Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
University of València
Av. Blasco Ibáñez 30
València (Spain)

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