Pensiero critico e ingiustizia epistemica. Come la Philosophy for/with Children può contribuire ad abbattere le disuguaglianze (Critical thinking and epistemic injustice. How Philosophy for/with Children can reduce inequalities).

October 9, 2023 - October 10, 2023
Istituto Paolini Cassiano, CISS/T, Comune di Imola

Biblioteca di Imola, Sala San Francesco
Library of Imola (Biblioteca di Imola), Via Emilia 80
Imola 40026


University of Aberdeen

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9 -10 October 2023, Imola, ITALY. Conference

Critical thinking is reasonable thinking about what to believe and often how to act, but what does it have to do with education? Is an instrumental vision of rationality sufficient to form a critical capacity and sensitivity? How do critical thinking and the knowledge process relate? At the same time, epistemic injustice is a phenomenon that generates oppression in relation to issues related to knowledge. This happens when a person is not listened to because their thoughts are judged irrelevant and not capable of expressing a reasoned thought or not reliable and competent, due to prejudice.

A central aspect is that epistemic injustice has effects that go beyond the question of knowledge, since it can generate inequalities at other levels (social, economic, legal, etc.)

Four expert speakers will address issues and reflections on the ways in which critical thinking, through the method of Philosophy with Children, can contribute to breaking down these barriers and forms of inequality by encouraging the development of critical and ethical sensitivity around the world.
They are Arie Kizel,  University of Haifa, Israel, and former President of ICPIC (International Center for Philosophy for Children), as well as President of the Mediterranean Association for the Philosophy with Children; Nimet Küçük, PHD Istanbul University and teacher at Sainte Pulchérie School, Turkey; Jinwhan Park, Emeritus, Gyeongsang University and Founder of the Network Philosophy with Children and Youth Asia Pacific (PCYNAP) and Isabelle Jespers, Association Analyse Recherche et Education en Philosophie pour enfants (PHARE) and lecturer at EEB2 European School of Brussels, Belgium.

The talks, scheduled for 9 and 10 October 2023, are open to the public in presence. The conference is organized by the Paolini Cassiano Institute of Imola, Italy, and coordinated by Alessia Marabini. The event will take place at the Library of Imola, in hybrid modality, from 3,45 pm to 7,30 pm Italian time, thanks to the collaboration between the CISS/T, the Paolini Cassiano Technical Institute, and the Municipality of Imola. It is also part of the Festival della cultura tecnica 2023, città metropolitana   Anteprima Festival.
The official language is Italian. Talks in English will be translated. Program is below.

For contributions in English, simultaneous translation into Italian will be provided.

First day
9 October 2023, Sala San Francesco BIM from 3.45pm to 7.30pm Italian time:

• 3.45 - 4.00 pm Greetings from the Authorities and the Director of the Paolini Cassiano Institute; presentation of the course.

• 4 - 5.30pm “Challenges in Philosophy with Children Today: Enabling Identity as Overcoming Pedagogy of Fear”, Prof. Arie Kizel (Vice Dean University of Haifa, Israel; President of the Philosophy with Children of the Mediterranean Association).
5.30-5.40pm Question time.

• 5.45pm-7.15pm “Philosophy in High Schools in Turkey”, Dr. Nimet Küçük (PhD, Istanbul University, Sainte Pulchérie School, Turkey)
-7.15-7.25pm Question time

Second day
10 October 2023, Sala San Francesco BIM from 3.55pm to 7.30pm, Italian time:

• 3.55-4.00pm Presentation of the course and the speakers

• 4.00-5.30pm “The direction of P4C in Korea” (Philosophy guidelines for young people in Corea),
Prof. Jinwhan Park (Emeritus of Gyeongsang University South Korea, Founder of the Network Philosophy with Children and Youth Asia Pacific (PCYNAP))

5.30-5.40pm Question time

• 17.45-19.15 “Are we the orphans of Prometheus? The crisis of the mode of transmission”, Prof. Isabelle Jespers (PHARE Association, Analyse Recherche et Education en Philosophie pour enfants, EEB2 European School of Brussels, Belgium).
7.15pm-7.25pm Questions and interventions from the public

• 7.25pm-7.30pm Greetings and closing of the meeting

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