Schopenhauer's Practical Philosophy

November 3, 2023
IFILNOVA, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

CAN 219
Colegio Almada Negreiros
Lisbon 1099-032

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Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Cardiff University
University of Southampton
Universidade Nova de Lisboa


Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Universidade Nova de Lisboa

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Schopenhauer is primarily renowned for his pessimistic outlook on life and the world. However, it's important to note that his 'pessimism' represents just one facet of his comprehensive practical philosophy, primarily found in the fourth book of 'The World as Will and Representation' along with its accompanying supplements. Schopenhauer's practical philosophy encompasses not only his "existential" views but also his thoughts on ethics and its underlying conceptual framework, now referred to as 'meta-ethics'.

The aim of this workshop is to delve into Schopenhauer's practical philosophy as a whole, exploring it within its historical-philosophical context while also considering its relevance in today's philosophical discourse.

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