CFP: Special Issue of Religions--Re-Imagining the Woman's Curse: Redemptive Readings of Genesis 3:16

Submission deadline: May 1, 2024


In light of the recent developments featuring women around the world reclaiming their dignity in the face of male domination, it is becoming urgent to rethink the ancient “curse” on woman and the way that it has contributed to the oppression of women. Rather than read the text through the traditional Aristotelian lens used by church fathers and ancient rabbis to describe woman as the seductress and man as the legitimate authority over woman’s corrupt nature, this special issue proposes a re-imagining of the “curse” of Genesis 3:16 as redemptive rather than punitive. This will entail that the two key concepts mashal (“rule”) and teshuqah (“desire”) be re-interpreted with attention to Hebrew/Ancient Near-Eastern textual sources rather than through a Greek philosophical lens, as well as read in light of the immediate context of God’s words to the serpent and to man. This issue welcomes imaginative and courageous readings of this text in the hope of breaking new ground for gender relations.

Please submit an 500 word abstract by May 1st, 2024 to [email protected]. If accepted, you will be asked to submit the full 5000+ word manuscript by Sept. 1st, 2024 for peer review.

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