CFP: The Monist - Environmental ethics in a changing climate

Submission deadline: December 15, 2023

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We are seeking initial expressions of interest in submitting papers to a special edition of The Monist on “Environmental ethics in a changing climate”.

There’s been much recent discussion among philosophers about climate change, including important work on modelling, risk, moral responsibility, and climate justice, including a past edition of the Monist (2017) on Climate Change and Value. But there has been much less discussion at the intersection of climate change and environmental ethics, especially from non-anthropocentric perspectives. The aim of this special edition of the Monist is to answer questions at this interface such as:

·      How should climate change be understood ethically from the perspective of value positions such as sentientism, biocentrism or ecocentrism? What would adaptation to climate change, or different forms of geoengineering, look like from these value positions?

·      Can the idea of ‘climate justice’ meaningfully be extended to the non-human world?

·      How far is there convergence or divergence between anthropocentric and non-anthropocentric policy approaches to climate change?

·      To what extent does climate change influence the normative status of, or the way we value, species, biodiversity, or ecological systems? Do we have an obligation to preserve species facing extinction as a result of climate change?

·      How does the non-identity problem affect value judgments about climate change and the nonhuman world?

·      Does climate change provide ethical justification for strongly interventionist environmental policies (e.g. assisted migration, the use of gene drives)?

·      How do Indigenous perspectives on environmental ethics respond to climate change?

Please send your expression of interest, with a brief overview of your proposed topic, to the Guest Editors, Clare Palmer (Texas A&M University, [email protected]) and Ken Shockley (Colorado State University [email protected] ) by December 15th 2023. Submitted papers should be received by December 15th 2024, and should be prepared for anonymous review. Word limit: 8000 words, including notes and references. Authors should refer to the instructions to authors when preparing their work for submission. The special issue will be published in Spring 2026.

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