North American Nietzsche Society 2024 Conference

November 7, 2024 - November 9, 2024
Department of Philosophy, University of New Mexico

University of New Mexico
United States

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California State University, San Bernardino
Boston University
University of New Mexico

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The North American Nietzsche Society will hold its fifth international conference in Albuquerque on November 7-9, 2024 at The University of New Mexico. The conference will feature two keynote speakers, Andrew Huddleston (The University of Warwick) and Allison Merrick (California State University, San Marcos), and around six papers selected on the basis of abstract submissions. Sessions will be 90 minutes, with approximately 40 minutes for presentation and 50 minutes for discussion. The conference program may also include invited panels. In addition, this year’s conference will include a junior scholar workshop featuring work from junior scholars and commentaries on that work from senior scholars.


Andrew Huddleston (Warwick)
Title TBD

Allison Merrick (California State University San Marcos)
Title TBD

Session 1:

Richard Elliott (Birkbeck College, University of London) 
“Overcoming Two Lacunae in Nietzsche’s Story of the 'Slave Revolt'" 

Moderator: Matthew Meyer (University of Scranton)
Commentator: Avery Snelson (Seattle University)

Session 2:

Ludovico Zizzo (DePaul University) 
“Beauty Won't Save the World: Nietzsche's Critique of Romanticism" (Graduate Student Prize) 

Session 3: 

Pol Pardini Gispert (Boston University) 
"A Defense of Katsafanas’ Interpretation of Nietzschean Nihilism"

Commentator: Scott Jenkins (University of Kansas)

Session 4: 

Jason Yonover (Princeton University)
"'Chaos sive Natura,' or Nietzsche’s Critique of Spinoza’s Naturalism"

Moderator: Nicholas Low (Harvard Divinity School)
Commentator: Christian Emden (Rice University)

Session 5: 

Katie Brennan (Salve Regina University) 
"Nietzschean Revaluations of Hamlet: On Skepticism and Suffering"


Session 6: 

Invited panel: Nietzsche on the Emotions

Bernard Reginster (Brown University) 
Simon May (King's College, London) 
Claire Kirwin (Northwestern University)

Moderator: Thomas Lambert (Pitzer College) 


Junior Scholar Workshop
Session 1:  

Jack Romp (Georgia State University)
"Strong Natures and Weak Characters in Nietzsche’s ‘One Thing is Needful’" 

Commentator: Lawrence Hatab (Old Dominion University)

Session 2:

Lauren Roe (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) 
“Garden of Gratitude: Nietzsche’s Amor Fati as Radical Gratitude” 

Commentator: Gabriel Zamosc (Univ. Colorado Denver)

Session 3: 

William Kanwischer (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) 
"Nietzsche’s Changing View of Art and Culture"

Moderator: Caroline Wall (Boston University)
Commentator: Andrew Huddleston (University of Warwick)

Questions can be directed to the chair of the program committee, Kaitlyn Creasy (California State University, San Bernardino) at [email protected].

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November 1, 2024, 9:00am MST

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