Philosophy & Legal Theory Collaborative Panels at Law and Society Association

June 5, 2024 - June 9, 2024
Philosophy & Legal Theory Collaborative

Denver 80202
United States

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The Philosophy & Legal Theory CRN of the Law and Society Association invites participants for the June 6-9, 2024 LSA meeting in Denver. The Philosophy & Legal Theory CRN aims to create a forum to share and collaborate on research in philosophy of law, laws, or legal institutions, and legal scholarship engaged with philosophy, broadly construed. This includes scholarship on philosophy of law and individual legal questions from all philosophical traditions (e.g. analytic, continental, non-western, critical theory) as well as political philosophy, political theory, moral philosophy, social epistemology, social ontology, moral psychology, philosophy of action and decision theory on topics relevant to law or socio-legal topics. It also includes socio-legal scholarship that draws from work in philosophy or that employs philosophical methods. We hope to spark philosophically informed conversations on both the foundational and the highly specific questions in law and society. Topics appropriate for this CRN range from work on classic debates in analytic jurisprudence, such as the relationship between legality and morality, to scholarship applying contemporary social ontology literature to doctrinal questions in equal protection law, and everything in between – as well as research on normative philosophical topics commonly regarded as within “philosophy of law” or “legal theory” as a field, such as the nature or justification of coercion, self-defense, paternalism, consent or restitution. This CRN welcomes a multidisciplinary set of participants to foster interdisciplinary discussions, drawing perspectives not only from philosophy and legal academia, but also political science and political theory, sociology, psychology, history, economics, literature, anthropology, social policy, and other social science and humanities disciplines.

The Law and Society Association general webpage can be found at information about the Denver 2024 conference is available at

To participate in the main program of the Law and Society Association meeting through the Philosophy & Legal Theory CRN, please submit either an "individual paper submission" consisting of a title and 2000 character abstract, or a "roundtable discussion session" proposal, listing 4-8 participants with a description limited to 850 characters, to the Law & Society Association's submission portal found here: by October 31, 5pm Eastern, 2023.

Since the Philosophy & Legal Theory CRN was not yet approved in time to be included in the submission web portal, please add at the end of the title of your submission, or at the end of your abstract, “(for Philosophy and Legal Theory)” and email a copy of your submission [email protected]. Chairs and discussants are always in need and greatly appreciated: if you would be willing to serve as a chair and/or discussant, please also email this to [email protected]. Our plan is to make sure that every paper panel has a discussant to provide meaningful feedback.

If you have ideas for roundtable discussion sessions but need to be connected with other co-panelists, please reach out to us [email protected] we will try to put you in touch.

The Philosophy & Legal Theory Collaborative plans to also host a 1-day workshop, taking place in Denver or Boulder Colorado immediately before the Law & Society Association meeting, to enable deeper engagement with participants work. A subsequent call for papers for this meeting will be circulated later this term. Participants at the Philosophy & Legal Theory Collaborative Workshop can present the same project that they plan to present at the LSA meeting, a different project, or can participate in the workshop without participating in the conference and vice-versa. We plan to convene informal receptions at the workshop and during the LSA meeting to build community and extend conversations from the Philosophy & Legal Theory Collaborative workshop and LSA conference.

If you are interested in this event or in future events by the Philosophy & Legal Theory Collaborative, please consider joining our mailing list by filling out the following form: 

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