CFP: Journal Religions - Special Issue: Aquinas and the Sciences: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future

Submission deadline: March 31, 2024

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Dear Colleagues,

This Special Issue explores how Thomas Aquinas and the Thomists from different ages related their thought to the natural and cognitive sciences, both from a systematic and an historical perspective. What can contemporary theology, philosophy, and science and religion, as well as the history of these disciplines, gain from an engagement with the thought of Thomas Aquinas and his appropriation and integration of, and perspectives on, the natural and cognitive sciences? Additionally, how did Thomists in later centuries live up to this challenge? What is the status quo of Aquinas scholarship and Thomistic contributions on science and theology, or more recently science-engaged theology, today? Contributions to historical and systematic scholarship are welcome. The subject matter of the submitted work may pertain to a broad spectrum of disciplines, including history, philosophy, theology, religious studies, science-engaged theology, and science and religion.

Dr. Simon Maria Kopf
Dr. Ignacio Silva
Guest Editors

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