Philosophy Day: What Is New in the History of Philosophy?

November 16, 2023
Institut supérieur de Philosophie / CDWM, UCLouvain

Salle Ladrière
Place Cardinal Mercier 14, College Mercier

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Université Catholique de Louvain
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon


Université Catholique de Louvain

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The event includes a series of short presentations on various aspects of innovation in recent scholarship in the history of philosophy from Antiquity to the Enlightenment, in Latin scholasticism and in Islamicate cultures. After the presentations, the participants will engage in a roundtable discussion on the challenge of doing innovative research. The audience (students, researchers, and everyone with interest in the history of philosophy) is most welcome to contribute to the discussion!

The short presentations will address a variety of topics from the history of philosophy:

Dashan Xu (KULeuven): How Can Aristotle Help? Reflections on Ancient Philosophy as Self-Help

Godefroid de Callatay (UCLouvain): Occult Sciences and Philosophy in Islamicate Cultures

Hélène Leblanc (Université de Lyon / UCLouvain): Scholastic Logic as an Embodied Practice

Mattia Mantovani (KULeuven): The Bestiary of the Senses. New Perspectives on Animal Minds

Claus A. Andersen (UCLouvain): Did Scholasticism Peak in the 17th Century?

Wing-keung Chik (UCLouvain): A New Approach to Kant’s Ethics is Possible

The event will additionally be accessible via this Zoom link:

For further information, please, contact Dr. Claus A. Andersen ([email protected]).

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