The Exclusion of Women Thinkers in the History of Philosophy
Ariane Schneck

November 6, 2023, 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Department of Philosophy, The American University in Cairo

AUC Avenue 1
New Cairo 11835

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American University in Cairo

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In this talk, Ariane Schneck will focus on the neglected contributions of female thinkers throughout the history of philosophy. In so doing, Schneck will introduce a selection of them, beginning with Hypatia of Alexandria, and then show how they were excluded from the so-called “canon.” Schneck will argue that this exclusion was not due to them producing philosophically less significant work but due to (sexist) discrimination. The so-called “canon” is thus not an objective representation of philosophical history “as it really was” but the result of injustice done to females and other marginalized thinkers that should be corrected. Schneck will end her talk by pointing out ways to correct this injustice and hence to make the history of philosophy not only more inclusive and diverse but also more historically accurate.

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