CFP: Models in Theology. Methodical and Theological Paradigm Shifts through Model-Building?

Submission deadline: January 20, 2024

Conference date(s):
May 20, 2024 - May 23, 2024

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European Academy of Religion
Palermo, Italy

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Call for Abstracts
Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion (EuARe2024)

Open Panel: Models in Theology. Methodical and theological paradigm shifts through model-building?

Palermo (Italy)
May 20-23 2024

Models play a crucial role in acquiring scientific knowledge, spanning disciplines from physics to virology, sociology, philosophy, and theology. The historical tradition of model-building in theology dates back to scholastics like Thomas Aquinas. This panel delves into the evolving nature of theological model-building, emphasizing two paradigm shifts. Firstly, it examines changes in the method and content of model-building, posing questions about the unique scientific-theoretical significance of theological models. The need for a distinct theological model theory is highlighted. Secondly, the shift towards innovative approaches in theological models is explored, influenced by encounters with secular philosophical problems and analytical philosophy. The panel aims to address these shifts by investigating the philosophy of science related to theological models and exploring theological peculiarities, using examples like Eucharistic theology and the belief in the Resurrection of the body.

Submissions are welcome from researchers working in systematic theology, philosophy, historical theology, and history of philosophy. Those by early career researchers and individuals who identify as members of groups currently underrepresented academia are especially welcome.

Each accepted speaker will give a short presentation (20 minutes) of their paper, followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

Abstracts should not be longer than 500 word and should submitted in pdf format as an email to [email protected] Please name the file according to the following pattern: short_title_name_affiliation. Submissions must be in English. Submission is also possible via the EuARe2024 Homepage:

Deadline for submission is January 20 2024.

Decisions will be sent out no later than February 05 2024.

Please note that both a valid EuARe membership and registration for the 2024 conference are indispensable for participation in the panel. Registration remains open until April 15th. Panellists failing to have their registration in good standing by April 15th may risk removal from the program. Ensure your participation by completing both membership and registration on the EuARe homepage. See

It is planned to publish selected contributions in a special issue of a German academic journal.

This panel is organized by Dominik Baumgartner (LMU Munich) and Angelika Wimmer (LMU Munich). For further information please write to [email protected] or [email protected]

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