Importance of AI vis-a-vis Humanization
Summer Okibe

part of: 1st Symposium on the Philosophy of Computing @ UNAM-MX
December 5, 2023, 5:00pm - 5:30pm
School of Science, National Autonomous University of Mexico

Mexico City

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National Autonomous University of Mexico

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The 1st Symposium on the Philosophy of Computing at the National Autonomous University of Mexico will gather professionals from different areas converging in topics related to computing, its philosophy, and its contemporary issues. A wide variety of topics have been proposed and suitable speakers have been invited to share their knowledge and expertise within these subjects, including: theoretical foundations of computing, biocomputing, philosophy of AI, ethics and data security, emergent computing, cognitive science, and social problems in computing. Within the current turmoil of AI and its outreach, this first edition aims to be the starting point for a larger conference to happen in the upcoming years to help provide another suitable spot to discuss current problems in computing and all of its offspring disciplines. 

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