More than Human: Non-Western Philosophies and the Environment

May 14, 2024 - May 15, 2024
University of Antwerp


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Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Alumnus)



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COMPOST Collective invites abstract submissions for presentations at the More-than-Human: Non-Western Philosophies and the Environment conference.

Western philosophy has left a long-standing legacy of focusing on humans, albeit they share the planet with all sorts of creatures, visible or invisible, vegetal or animal. While all these organisms have been deemed of little significance in the Western tradition, their importance and role in shaping ecosystems and environments, as well as in influencing climate, geography, and health, are increasingly recognized. While the idea that “all species live in a state of relation with others” may appear new to some, the idea that humans cannot be separated from their environment, from ‘nature,’ is self-evident in various Eastern and indigenous cultures.

With this conference, we want to bring together the variety of strands that have been overshadowed by Western philosophy. We welcome abstract submissions and presentations on any topic related to non-Western philosophies and the environment broadly construed.

Topics may include, but are not exhausted by:

·       Non-Western bio- and environmental ethics

·       Indigenous views on pollution and other environmental issues

·       Buen Vivir , Tzu-jan, hozho and others

·       Comparison/analysis between non-Western and Western theories

·       Relationship between science and philosophy (from non-Western perspectives)

·       Application of Non-dualism in science and environment

·       Relationships between humans and nature (animals, plants, the environment, etc.)

Abstracts from scholars from within and outside of philosophy are welcome as long as they engage such philosophical issues. We hope to bring together scholars from a variety of fields, such as philosophy, sustainability sciences, social sciences, environmental humanities, and biology, to present their work and discuss environmental issues from non-western philosophical perspectives. We particularly welcome researchers coming from non-western countries.

Please send your abstract (300-500 words) via email to [email protected]   
Abstracts should be suitable for a 15-20-minute presentation followed by discussions and Q&A.

Keynote speakers confirmed:

Dr. Eiko Honda, Aarhus University 
Dr. Meera Baindur, RV University

The conference will also feature a special evening presentation given by Vandana Shiva.

Submission deadline: February 18, 2024
Notification of acceptance/rejection: February 26, 2024

Date of conference: 14-15th of May, 2024

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April 22, 2024, 9:00am CET

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