PGSA Student Conference Fall 2023

December 13, 2023
Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph

MacKinnon 114
50 Stone Road

This will be an accessible event, including organized related activities

This event is available both online and in-person


University of Guelph
Firoza Farooqi
University of Guelph
University of Guelph
Riley Grew
University of Guelph
Michael Lanc
University of Guelph
Zakary Osman
University of Guelph

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11:00AM – 11:25AM

“Confirming the Unfindable, a Dissection of Khani’s Dilemma” by Zakary Osman

11:30AM – 11:55AM

“Leaping Onto Hand Grenades, Among Other Obligations: Examining the Supererogatory” by Michael Lanc

12:00PM – 12:25PM

“'I wait for myself': A Disabling Experience of Racialized Temporality" by Firoza Farooqi

12:30PM – 1:25PM

Lunch break

1:30PM – 1:55PM

"Current Issues in Sex/Gender Metaphysics: Towards a Critical Phenomenology of Sex/Gender" by Riley Grew

2:00PM – 2:25PM

“Formal Systems of Neurons in Artificial Intelligence” by Molly Graham

KEYNOTE 2:45PM – 3:45PM

“Attack Helicopters and TERF Wars: The (Dis)Functions of Gender Identity” by Dr. Rowan Bell

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