Remembering the future: Fragments for an anarchaeology of injustice
Giovanbattista Tusa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

December 13, 2023, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Universidade Federal do Amazonas


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Giovanbattista Tusa presents his recent work on the topic of climate and social injustice. In our time, the term "crisis" has become the name of a transformative instance that does not yet have a form, an unidentifiable figure that resists all previous polarizations and positions. "Crisis" describes an impasse, denoting the moment when a subject is deprived of its dominance. When all historical power relations begin to falter, new transitions emerge. The eschatological line of historical time shatters into an endless variety of climatic, social and technological catastrophes, and even progress implodes and collides with the immemorial times of cosmic contingencies.

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