The Neo-Kantian Reception of Schiller

September 24, 2025 - September 26, 2025
Departiment of Humanities, Università Federico II di Napoli

Via Porta di Massa 1

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  • SToNE - Laboratory for the Study of Neo-Kantianism
  • SISF - Società Italiana di Storia della Filosofia


Università degli Studi di Salerno
University of Naples Federico II

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In the second half of the nineteenth century several representatives of the then-rising neo-Kantian movement began to take an interest in Schiller’s work. Schiller was already regarded as a great writer, nonetheless, his reappraisal as a philosopher – and, more specifically, Kantian philosopher – began in this period.

Among the neo-Kantians who dealt with Schiller’s philosophy there were paramount figures of this movement, such as Kuno Fischer, Friedrich Albert Lange, Wilhelm Windelband, Jonas Cohn, Rudolf Eucken, Hans Vaihinger, Bruno Bauch, Karl Vorländer, and Ernst Cassirer (to name a few).

The International Conference “The neo-Kantian Reception of Schiller” will invite renowned
scholars from around the world to discuss and analyze the various ways in which neo-Kantian
thinkers interpreted and assimilated Schiller’s ideas, contributing to his recognition as an
important figure in German philosophy.

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