1st pan African logic : the logic of nature and nature of logic "On revealing implicit logics in African mannerisms

April 28, 2024 - April 30, 2024
British university in Egypt


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Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Université Catholique de Lyon


Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

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This congress aims to promote logic in Africa. It is focused on Nature in a double sense. Wildlife is very important in Africa, the flora and fauna are very impressive.
This is the place where there is the highest number and variety of animals. And for this reason, the people especially in central Africa have a strong connection with nature.
It is the opportunity therefore to reflect on the logic of nature and to examine to what extent it is different from the logic of the technological and industrial world (computers, artificial intelligence, and so on). 
This is a way therefore to challenge the very nature of logic. From this perspective, logic is understood in a very wide sense and in relation to all aspects of the world, natural and artificial.
The purpose of this event is to reveal and explore different manners of reasoning embedded in African cults, myths, arts, religions, rituals, economic systems, traditional justice systems, and architectural systems.
This congress  will enrich logical studies and their relative subjects like AI through elaborating  logical interpretations of different aspects of African cultures

in this conference we attempt to re-Africanize the different African logics through understanding and interpreting it within its own frameworks .in order to reveal its originality ,uniqueness and innovation 

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Tomorrow, 9:00am EET

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