CFP: Paul K. Feyerabend: A Centennial Celebration

Submission deadline: February 16, 2024

Conference date(s):
May 23, 2024 - May 25, 2024

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Conference Venue:

Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology, The University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson, United States

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Deadline Extended to February 16!

2024 will mark the centennial of the birth of Paul K. Feyerabend and thirty years from his passing. Feyerabend was one of the most influential philosophers of science of the twentieth century, and his work helped pave the way for later developments in science and values, political philosophy of science, feminist and postcolonial science studies, the philosophy of scientific practice, and integrated history and philosophy of science. His masterwork, Against Method, was published nearly half a century ago, but we still have much to learn from reading Feyerabend's works and carrying them forward to new problems and projects. This year's Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology Conference will focus on the work of Paul K. Feyerabend and Feyerabendian themes in contemporary history and philosophy of science, science & technology studies, science policy, and other relevant areas.

We invite submission of proposals for presentations on the conference theme. Please email your proposal as a PDF prepared for anonymous review, with title and abstract of 300-500 words, to [email protected]. Make sure the body of your email includes your institutional affiliation. Multiple submissions will not be considered, except in the case of co-authored paper where each proposal has a different presenting author. 

Extended Submission Deadline: February 16 January 18, 2024

Note: Selected papers from this conference will be published in an edited volume, focused on the 50th anniversary of Against Method. 

If you are interested in volunteering in some capacity rather than submitting a proposal, please email [email protected].

Virtual Presentation

Proposals for virtual presentations are welcome. We will devote a segment of the conference for hybrid engagement with virtual presentations. If you can only present virtually, please indicate this in your submission email.

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