CFP: (Synthese topical collection) Conceptual spaces: A mathematical framework for concept engineering

Submission deadline: May 20, 2024

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Conceptual spaces: A mathematical framework for concept engineering

Guest Editors: Nasim Mahoozi, Paula Quinon

Topical Collection Description:

The theory of conceptual spaces, introduced by Peter Gärdenfors in “Conceptual spaces: the geometry of thought” (2000), has become one of the key mathematical frameworks for modeling human cognition that has implications for a wide range of disciplines. This approach posits that concepts can be represented within geometrically or topologically structured similarity spaces. Within conceptual spaces, points represent objects and the distance between the objects represents their similarity- the closer the points, the greater their similarity. Concepts are defined as convex regions in a conceptual space.

Over the past two decades, the conceptual spaces framework has evolved, expanding its explanatory and predictive capabilities in response to new theoretical insights and practical applications.  We are pleased to announce a special topical collection of Synthese focusing on recent advances in conceptual spaces. Contributors from a range of disciplines are invited to submit original research papers that offer theoretical inquiries or case studies that explore both the potential and limitations of conceptual spaces.

Appropriate Topics for Submission include, among others:

1. Conceptual Spaces and Language

2. Conceptual Spaces and Cognition

3. Conceptual Spaces and Knowledge Representation

 4. Conceptual Spaces and Artificial Intelligence

5. Conceptual Spaces and Robotics

6. Conceptual Spaces and Cognitive Science

7. Conceptual Spaces and the Nature of Concepts

8. Conceptual Spaces and Epistemology and Reasoning

9. Conceptual Spaces and Feminism 

10. Conceptual Spaces and Mathematical Tools for Conceptual Engineering

11. Conceptual Spaces and Philosophy

12. Conceptual Spaces and Ethics and Aesthetics

The deadline for submissions is May 20th, 2024.

Submissions to this topical collection will be reviewed in the same process as applied to regular Synthese submissions.

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 “T.C.: Conceptual spaces: A mathematical framework for concept engineering”.

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