The Importance of Sociality: Law and Philosophy in Dialogue

June 20, 2024 - June 21, 2024
School of Law, University College Cork, Ireland

College Road

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  • Irish Research Council

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This groundbreaking workshop will bring together experts from law and philosophy to engage in reflective discussions on the value of sociality, and to explore the extent to which sociality can be promoted or undermined by legal systems.  

Accordingly, the workshop seeks, on the one hand, to provide a space within which philosophers can reflect on how their conceptions of sociality could offer useful insights to law thus helping law to refine its approach to regulation and disputes. On the other hand, it aims at creating a space within which legal scholars can self-consciously reflect on the value of sociality and the ways in which law might usefully be contextualised, reimagined, and reframed as a result.   

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