CFP: Anthropocenica Issue Nr. 5/2024 With a special dossier: “Artificial Intelligence and Anthropocene”

Submission deadline: April 15, 2024



Issue Nr. 5/2024

With a special dossier: “Artificial Intelligence and Anthropocene”

Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2024

Call for papers

Submissions for issue number 5 of Anthropocenica are invited until March 31, 2024. The journal is actively seeking proposals for both articles and book reviews that align with the specific requirements outlined by the publication. Authors are encouraged to carefully review and adhere to the provided guidelines to ensure their submissions meet the standards set forth by Anthropocenica.

The upcoming issue will feature a special dossier centered on the theme “Artificial Intelligence and Anthropocene,” with a focus on exploring the dynamic intersection between these two realms. The Anthropocene era, marked by unprecedented human impact on Earth`s geology and ecosystems, coupled with the rapid advancements in AI, presents a compelling convergence that warrants in-depth investigation. This unique confluence of the Anthropocene challenges and the transformative potential of AI provides fertile ground for innovative research and discussions. In this dossier, our goal is to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and deepen our understanding of the intricate interplay between human activities, technological innovations, and the environment. We seek to shed light on the role of AI in addressing environmental issues, navigating the Anthropocene, and shaping sustainable futures.

For the dossier, we invite the submission of original research articles and case studies that explore, but are not limited to, the following topics:

1.  Assessments of the ecological footprint of AI technologies, including manufacturing processes, energy consumption, and electronic waste.

2.  Applications of AI in addressing global environmental challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource management.

3.  Exploration of ethical dimensions related to the use of AI in Anthropocene contexts, including responsible AI development, bias, and transparency.

4. Studies on the role of AI in influencing human decision-making regarding environmental policies, conservation efforts, and sustainable practices.

5.  Analysis of policy frameworks and regulatory measures addressing the intersection of the Anthropocene and AI, with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection.

6.  AI-driven strategies for building resilience and adapting to the challenges posed by the Anthropocene, with a focus on sustainable resource management and conservation.

Proposals, including articles and book reviews, must adhere to the editorial policy and guidelines outlined in the "Submissions-Authors Guidelines" section, accessible here: [Submissions-Authors Guidelines](

Accepted languages for articles are English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Submissions should be made through the Open Journal System platform at:

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