CFP: Plurality of Values and Relativism, ed. by Leszek Kopciuch, "Culture and Values" ISSN: 2299-7806

Submission deadline: April 5, 2024

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The Chair of the History of Philosophy and Comparative Philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University and the journal Culture and Values ( warmly invite you to participate in the thematic issue of the Culture and Values entitled PLURALITY OF VALUES AND RELATIVISM. In the issue, in particular, we aim to engage with the following questions (which, however, are only exemplary):

1) What is axiological and ethical pluralism? What is axiological and ethical relativism? How do these two positions relate to each other?   2) What are epistemological, methodological, or other justifications for pluralist and relativist positions? 3)Practical applications of axiology and theoretical ethics vs. pluralism and relativism. 4)Which values are currently undergoing transformation and to what extent? How should we understand the nature of such transformations? Do such transformations occur in values themselves or only for us?  5) Are all value transformations stimulated by practical challenges? Are value transformations a normal phenomenon or are they symptomatic of an aberration or a crisis?  6) How do such transformations relate to classical positions in axiology?  7) Can we still speak of the universalism of values (in the context of cultural-civilisational pluralism)?8) Can we still speak of value optimism today?

We welcome papers (in English or German) offering systematic approaches to such questions as well as papers discussing approaches already developed in Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Sociology, and so forth.

The publication is open to researchers and PhD students. Please send your abstract to [email protected] by 5 April 2024. The abstract should not exceed 600 words. The decision whether your submission has been accepted will be communicated to you by 15 April 2024.  Authors  should register their completed article in the journal system by 21 May 2024 ( All articles submitted to the journal will be subject to a standard peer-review process.

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