Plato and the Soul (Tübinger Platon-Tage)

Yesterday - Tomorrow
University of Tuebingen

Wilhelmstrasse 36

This event is available both online and in-person


Università degli Studi Roma Tre
University of California, Berkeley
Concordia University
Brown University
University of Oslo
University College London
Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
University Tübingen
The King's University College
University of California, Davis

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Riccardo Chiaradonna (Rom), „Plato’s Inchoate Account of Essential Properties in the Phaedo (and Elsewhere)“

Klaus Corcilius (Tübingen), „Compensation for Fragmentation. World-Soul and Individual Soul in the Timaeus from a Methodological Point of View”

Andrea Falcon (Mailand / Tübingen), „Soul, Life, and Living Beings in Plato's Timaeus

Mary Louise Gill (Brown), „Plato on Perception and Judgment: Theaetetus 184–186“

Thomas Johansen (Oslo), „Plato’s Mathematical Soul“

Susanna Kinzig (Tübingen), „Xenokrates’ zählende διάνοια in De lineis insecabilibus

Fiona Leigh (UCL), „Phantasia in the Sophist

Béatrice Lienemann (Fribourg), „Plato’s Empiricism: On the Role of Sense Perception, Memory and Recollection for Knowledge“

Samuel Meister (Tübingen), „Plato's Account of Desire in the Philebus

Georgia Mouroutsou (Western), „The Analysis of Pleasure in the Philebus and the Timaeus: Lessons on the Nature of Soul and the Methodology 'On the Soul'

Peter Oxenknecht (Tübingen), „Moving in Circles. Plato’s Theory of the Soul as the Principle of Life”

Christoph Poetsch (Heidelberg), „Zum Konzept von Seele und Weltseele in der Alten Akademie. Ein Vergleich“

Jan Szaif (UC Davis), „Nous and Logos as Ruling Factors in the Soul“

Zhixi Wang (HU Berlin), „Cartesian Sun: Soul-Body Interaction in Laws X, 898d-899a“

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