CFP: Philosophies of Time, Motion, and Change

Submission deadline: June 10, 2024

Conference date(s):
October 11, 2024 - October 12, 2024

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Conference Venue:

Philosophy Department, Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, United States

Topic areas


Each fall, Saint Louis University's Philosophy Graduate Student Association organizes a conference for graduate students in philosophy and associated disciplines around a central theme. Typically, approximately half a dozen graduate students are selected by peer review to present their work on that theme. Moreover, one or two prominent philosophers are invited to give a keynote lecture on that theme. In this way, our conference not only provides a venue for graduate students to gain exposure and experience, but also offers students an opportunity to interact with eminent scholars in their field of interest. Our next conference will be held on 11–12 October 2024. Our 2024 conference theme will be Philosophies of Time, Motion, and Change. Our 2024 keynote speakers will be Professors Godehard Brüntrup (HFPH/SLU) and Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers).

We welcome submissions from graduate students in philosophy and associated disciplines related to the theme of our conference most broadly construed. Suitable paper topics include but are not limited to issues concerning time, motion, or change with respect to: metaphysics (McTaggart’s A- vs. B-series, 3- vs. 4-dimensionalism, substantivalism vs. relationalism, etc.); process philosophy (Bergson, Whitehead, etc.); epistemology (Humean skepticism, etc.); “Western” thinkers (pre-Socratics, Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Descartes, Leibniz, Newton, Kant, Hegel, etc.); “non-Western”—esp. indigenous or under-represented—traditions (Buddhism, Confucianism, etc.); philosophical theology (transubstantiation, the eternal present, etc.); phenomenology and perception (Husserl, etc.); logic and mathematics (dynamic logics, calculus, etc.); applied and experimental philosophy; ethics and sociopolitical philosophy; aesthetics and the philosophy of art; or physics, biology, and the philosophy of science.

Submissions should be 3500 words or fewer (excluding headers, footnotes, and references), prepared for blind review, and accompanied by a separate cover page containing the author’s name, affiliation, paper title, word count, and an abstract of 350 words or fewer. Accepted authors will receive a thirty-minute time-slot to present their work, followed by comments from a resident graduate student or faculty member as well as a general Q&A.

Submission deadline: 10 June 2024. Results should be announced by 10 August 2024.

Send submissions and questions to the organizing committee at [email protected] 

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