Workshop on Political Philosophy and AI

June 25, 2024 - June 26, 2024
Department of Philosophy, Australian National University


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  • Humane AI Network


Australian National University
Delft University of Technology

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While normative thinking about AI among analytical philosophers largely began with a focus on ethics, recent years have seen growing recognition of the political nature of AI and related technologies, and the urgency of addressing questions of domination, distribution, communication and democracy that are at the heart of political philosophy. With the prospect of general purpose AI systems radically transforming our politics and economics in the next ten years, these questions are only becoming more pressing. 

This workshop aims to build on this recent work, chart progress in AI's political philosophy, and map what is as yet unexplored. We are keen to showcase work that uses the tools of political philosophy to explore any aspect of AI (or related digital technologies), from economic impacts of automation, to the legitimacy of algorithmic governance, to the curation of the digital public sphere, and beyond. 

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