CFP: 'Rethinking Leadership'

Submission deadline: February 28, 2024

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There are important philosophical dimensions to leadership, touched upon both in political philosophy and in business ethics. But, otherwise, philosophy journals tend to neglect the philosophy of leadership in favor of the philosophy of other socially consequential areas, such as political, moral, and economic philosophy, while leadership journals tend to neglect the philosophy of leadership in favor of the social science of leadership. Ergo, Philosophy of Management proposes to dedicate a special issue to the philosophy of leadership. 

Leadership studies, in short, is a field of inquiry that is ready and waiting for careful conceptual analysis. In its window is a help-wanted sign: “philosophers needed.” Therefore, this is not only a call for submissions on the topic of philosophy of leadership to Philosophy of Management. It is general call for philosophers to direct toward the realm of leadership studies their very specific skills of conceptual analysis and synthesis.

Philosophers, we suggest, have much more to say about many topics related to leadership.

For a more detailed CFP and suggested reading list, please email the co-editors:

  • David Carl Wilson is Professor of Philosophy at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, and at Webster Vienna Private University in Vienna, Austria.
  • Jacqueline Boaks teaches ethics to Bachelor of Commerce students and ethics and leadership to MBA students at the Curtin Graduate School of Business in Western Australia. 


•Manuscripts should adhere to the Philosophy of Management journal’s aims and scope, as well as to contributor guidelines for submitting a paper. The manuscript length should be8,000-12,000 words (for a standard original article).

•Submissions must be original and unpublished works that are not concurrently under review for publication elsewhere.

•Papers should be submitted to the Philosophy of Management online system, with reference to this special issue:

•Please send any questions about this special issue to David Carl Wilson, [email protected] or Jacqueline Boaks, [email protected].

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