CFP: ‘Cultivating Intersex, Trans- and Gender-Diverse Inclusive Education in Healthcare. Feminist, Trans, and Queer Perspectives’

Submission deadline: March 31, 2024

Conference date(s):
September 13, 2024 - September 14, 2024

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Conference Venue:

University College Cork
Cork, Ireland

Topic areas


In recent years, many efforts have been placed to develop new educational paths to prepare medical, nursing, and midwifery students to deliver quality care to intersex, trans- and gender-diverse people. However, recent studies have shown that healthcare institutions and education programmes do not adequately prepare prospective healthcare professionals to support the needs of intersex, trans- and gender-diverse people. Moreover, most of the attempts to deliver gender affirmative education revolve around the development of modules focused on person-centered care. While these efforts are commendable and necessary, studies have highlighted the need to endow students with a critical perspective that takes into account the systematic oppression to which intersex, trans- and gender-diverse people are exposed.

This conference aims to encourage the creation of an interdisciplinary network, both within and beyond Ireland, that can support healthcare professionals in engaging with the conceptual and critical aspects of gender diversity in healthcare settings. To accomplish this, the conference aims to bridge the gap between research carried out in feminist, trans, and queer studies and the delivery of a practice-focused and person-centered perspective that characterizes healthcare education. The acquisition of a conceptual and critical understanding of the phenomena surrounding gender expansiveness is of crucial importance to enable healthcare professionals and scholars to deliver educational content, adjust practices, and promote research that can create a fairer and more sustainable healthcare environment. The conference will serve as an initial stride towards reevaluating the strategies employed by educators and preceptors in addressing the inclusion of intersex, trans- and gender-diverse peoplewithin the healthcare system.

Call for abstracts


We invite proposals from a broad range of disciplines, including philosophy, critical theory, gender studies, literary studies, history, sociology, medical humanities, nursing and midwifery studies, psychoanalysis, as well as from healthcare professionals and activists whose work is relevant to the topic of the conference. We highly encourage individuals to approach the submission with inter- and cross-disciplinary perspectives, and we welcome proposals for co-presentations and panels. We welcome oral and poster submissions. We are happy to consider unconventional contributions beyond traditional presentations. If you have works of art or performances that align with the conference theme, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your proposal by writing to transcareucc AT gmail DOT com .

Abstracts of 300 words must be submitted through this form: by the 31st of March 2024.

We welcome applications related to – but not limited to

  • ×        History of transgender healthcare
  • ×        Application of the principles of healthcare ethics in gender affirmative healthcare
  • ×        Contribution of the arts and humanities in the development of gender affirmative curricula for healthcare students
  • ×        Ethics of Care and gender affirmative health services
  • ×        Critical perspectives on intersex, trans and gender-diverse inclusion in sexual and reproductive health services
  • ×        Issues of systemic injustice in the care of intersex, trans and gender-diverse people
  • ×        Exploration of intersex, trans and gender-diverse individual’s experience within healthcare settings
  • ×        Fear of stigma
  • ×        Legal issues around intersex, trans and gender-diverse persons and access to health services 

For any further information, contact us at transcareucc AT gmail DOT com.

This event is funded by the Irish Research Council under grant number NF/2023/1564

Registration fees (TBC)

Standard: 50 euros

Students/low waged: 20 euros

Please note some fee waivers will be available as per the support above. 

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