SciBeh 2024 Workshop on Epistemic Boundaries

March 6, 2024 - March 7, 2024

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In our upcoming workshop, we want to address the role and limitations of expertise in providing policy advice during crises. Currently, societies are confronted with crises such as pandemics and climate change, which necessitate collective action. The complex nature of these issues inherently demands interdisciplinary expertise for effective resolution. However, offering expertise on issues that extend beyond the scope of a single discipline carries the risk of epistemic trespassing —- making judgments in a field beyond one’s expertise.

In this workshop, we want to approach expertise boundaries from four different angles:

  1. Transfer: Exploring aspects of expertise that are transferable and applicable across various disciplines.
  2. Barriers: Identifying the obstacles that impede the detection of epistemic trespassing.
  3. Danger Zones: Examining scenarios where problematic epistemic trespassing is most likely to occur.
  4. Collective Intelligence: Discussing how collective intelligence can assist in identifying and mitigating instances of epistemic trespassing, while facilitating the transfer of expertise.

We hope to publish the workshop’s result in a special issue. If participants are interested in this opportunity, SciBeh will approach relevant journals and coordinate the publication process.

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*Aditional participation in our study on collective deliberation methodologies. Alongside our standard workshop, this year’s edition introduces an opportunity to participate in one of our research studies. At SciBeh, we are dedicated to advancing research that enhances efficient and collectively intelligent deliberation methodologies. Our aim is to utilize data gathered during the workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges in collective deliberation processes and explore solutions through machine-supported approaches. Upon completing your registration, you will receive an email with detailed information and a consent agreement form should you decide to also participate in the study. For further information contact [email protected]).

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March 5, 2024, 9:00am UTC

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