CFP: Sixth Phigs Graduate Colloquium

Submission deadline: April 5, 2024

Conference date(s):
June 5, 2024 - June 6, 2024

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This event is available both online and in-person

Conference Venue:

Phigs - Philosophy Graduate Students, University of Kent
Canterbury, United Kingdom


Call for abstracts: 6th PhiGS Graduate Colloquium

Kent PhiGS -- the philosophy graduate society at the University of Kent at Canterbury (United Kingdom) --  is pleased to announce its Sixth Annual Graduate Colloquium, to take place on 5-6 June 2024 at the University of Kent, and online.

The Colloquium aims to promote discussion among graduate researchers working in the same general areas as us at Kent, where we have a wide range of topics of inquiry. Such diversity promotes the advancement of inquiry through cross-pollination between fields, and the Colloquium seeks to facilitate such fruitful encounters. We invite submissions from graduate researchers -- masters as well as doctoral -- on the following or related topics:

- Philosophy of mental health, especially concerning autonomy and responsibility

- Role ethics

- Philosophy of medicine, especially concerning disease definition

- Epistemology, especially disagreement and belief formation

- Gradualist approaches in metaphysics and ontology

- Pragmati(ci)st approaches in philosophy of science and metaphysics

- Approaches to mathematical semantics

- Conception of the self by liberal theories

- Evidential Pluralism and Artificial Intelligence

- Reconciling the manifest and scientific image, especially with respect to time.

Submissions should take the form of an abstract of no more than 400 words, the talks themselves being about 30 minutes in length. Abstracts should be anonymised, in PDF format, and sent as attachments to an email. In the body of the email please give name and return email address, as well as institutional affiliation and whether you wish to present at the Colloquium in person or online. We understand that it is the nature of these talks to be works-in-progress, so there is no requirement to submit a whole paper in advance: the talk, when given, is the paper. The language of the Colloquium is English. Please send abstracts to Mark Garron at [email protected], to arrive no later than 5 April 2024.

Unfortunately, we do not have funds for travel and accommodation for graduate speakers, although your own institution may be able to provide such a facility if you wish to present in person. We do, however, intend to provide light refreshments and lunch for all in-person speakers and attendees.

For further information on Kent PhiGS and its activities, please see

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