CFP: Topoi: Special Issue on Fairness

Submission deadline: October 1, 2024

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The nature and content of conceptions of fairness have been subject to intense discussions in recent years. The special issue on “Fairness” provides a forum in which to take stock of different fairness conceptions, push their development further, compare and relate different fairness conceptions to each other, and gauge the practical and interdisciplinary potential of different fairness conceptions.

A thriving debate on John Broome’s 1990 conception of fairness as “proportional satisfaction of claims” has emerged. Particularly, the nature of the notion of claims as well as Broome’s uses of lotteries have been hotly debated. A further debate has centred on the notion of fairness as implying “envy-free” distributions. Moreover, different conceptions of fairness have been defended in discourses about egalitarianism, prioritarianism, and the notion of desert in distributive justice. In addition to these theoretical debates in philosophy, there have also been numerous contributions regarding fairness in concrete settings, such as the fair distribution of resources in healthcare, as well as contributions on fairness that make use of economic theory. The special issue on “Fairness” invites contributions on all of the aforementioned aspects of fairness.

Potential contributions are sought on any aspect of (un)fairness, including the following topics:

• Broome’s conception of fairness

• Fairness and desert, equality, egalitarianism, and prioritarianism

• Notions of claims in different fairness-related literatures (desert claims, fairness claims, etc.)

• The role of proportionality for fairness

• Disagreements about fairness

• Lottery fairness

• Relations between procedural and outcome conceptions of fairness

• Notions of structural fairness

• Fairness and the no-envy criterion

• Fairness and healthcare

• Individual and group fairness

• Philosophical and economic conceptions of fairness

• Algorithmic fairness

Preference will be given to articles that focus on clarification of conceptual aspects of fairness. All articles should make clear, explain, and defend the conception of fairness they employ, for instance by indicating how the notion of fairness they use relates to and differs from other moral notions such as social justice, goodness, and equality.

Submission DEADLINE: Please submit your paper by October 1, 2024. Should you not be able to meet this deadline, please contact the Lead Guest Editor (contact details below).

Papers should not exceed a maximum of 9000 words.

• All papers will undergo the journal’s standard review procedure (double-blind peer-review), according to the journal’s Peer Review Policy, Process and Guidance.

• Reviewers will be selected according to the Peer-Reviewer Selection policies.

• publications until final publication into an issue and available on the page Collections.

CONTACT: For any questions, please directly contact Conrad Heilmann, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Guest Editor(s):

Conrad Heilmann, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Kristi Olson, Bowdoin College

Christian Piller, University of York

Stefan Wintein, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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