CFP: Pragmatics: Current Developments in the Philosophy of Language and Linguistics

Submission deadline: August 15, 2024

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The Center for Logic, Epistemology and History of Science (CLE) at The State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) invites submissions of articles for the special issue “Pragmatics: Current Developments in the Philosophy of Language and Linguistics”, to be published inManuscrito. The special issue provides an overview of recent developments and trends in pragmatic research and methodology. Papers should be written in English, fit for blind review, and should not exceed a maximum of 8500 words. The deadline for paper submission is August 15th, 2024. More information about the special series and the submission process can be found below.

Guest Editors 

Eduarda Calado Barbosa – CLE, State University of Campinas (UNICAMP)

[email protected] 

Chris Genovesi — Psycholinguistics and Cognition Lab, Department of Psychology, Concordia University

[email protected] 

Special Series Description 

Pragmatics can be defined in many ways: the study of utterances; aspects of meaning that go beyond truth-conditional semantics; language as action, etc. Following insights from influential 20th century philosophers, like J.L. Austin, H.P. Grice and Robert Stalnaker, investigation in pragmatics has devoted much attention to speech acts, common ground, and context sensitivity. In the last few decades, pragmatic research has been considering new ways to approach such foundational issues. At the same time, the field is applying and developing the conceptual tools of pragmatics to address issues such as intercultural communication, communicative injustice and harm. 

The issue aims to bring together contributions that shed light on current debates and themes, and how they relate to other areas of language science, including semantics, psychology, sociolinguistics, etc. Although we welcome contributions from all areas of pragmatic research, we are particularly interested in receiving contributions on the following themes: 

Revisiting foundational issues

  • Context sensitive expressions

  • Truth, reference, meaning

  • Common ground

  • Presupposition

  • Figurative uses of language, indirect speech

Communicative injustice and harm

  • Silencing and manipulation

  • Slurs, expressives, epithets

  • Counterspeech

Communication and cooperation

  • Joint activity

  • Communication breakdown

  • Intercultural pragmatics 

Approaches to Pragmatics

  • Relevance Theory, Critical Pragmatics

  • Minimalism, situationalism, contextualism

  • Truth-Conditional Semantics/Pragmatics 

Confirmed contributors:  

Leonard Clapp (Northern Illinois University) 

Eros Corazza (ILCLI-UPV)

Laura Delgado (University of Lisbon)

Eduardo Garcia-Ramirez (UBA-IIF/SADAF/CONICET)


Ernesto Perini-Santos (UFMG)

Claudia Picazo Jaque (UNED)

Submission guidelines 

We accept submissions of full papers. The deadline for submissions is August 15th, 2024. Papers should be written in English and respect a maximum of 8500 words (including footnotes and references), a short abstract (200 word maximum), and four to six keywords separated by semicolons. Submissions must be suitable for blind review. Papers are to be submitted online through the Manuscrito system, foundhere. 

Please direct queries to one of the guest editors: Eduarda Calado Barbosa @[email protected] Chris Genovesi @ [email protected].

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