Jason Stanley: The Politics of Language - 1st Dortmund Conference on Philosophy and Society

October 1, 2024
Department of Philosophy and Political Science, Dortmund University

Dortmund 44137

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Dortmund University
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Jason Stanley: The Politics of Language

The Department of Philosophy and Political Science at TU Dortmund University is delighted to announce the 1st Dortmund 'Philosophy and Society' Conference, taking place on October 1st, 2024, in Dortmund, Germany. This inaugural event will feature Jason Stanley, co-author of "The Politics of Language" (Princeton University Press, 2023), as a distinguished guest.

Conference Theme

This year's conference centers on David Beaver and Jason Stanley’s "The Politics of Language." The book offers a novel account of how speech impacts audiences. On Beaver and Stanley’s account, linguistic actions exemplify social practices and have so-called resonances (emotions, social identities, etc.), which carry ideological significance. Their analysis focuses specifically on more covert ways in which speech can inflict harm on groups.

Call for Contributions

We invite presentations on any aspect of Beaver and Stanley's book, with potential topics including, but not limited to:

  • The concepts of resonance and attunement
  • Slurs, dog-whistling, bureaucratic speech, and other harmful speech
  • Propaganda
  • Ideal vs. nonideal philosophy of meaning
  • Freedom of speech

Submission Guidelines

  • Abstracts should be no more than 500 words, prepared for blind review.
  • Submissions should be sent as PDF attachments to Swaantje Siebke [[email protected]].
  • The deadline for submissions is June 3rd, 2024

Registration and Additional Information

Accommodation and travel expenses for speakers will be borne by the organizers. For registration details, conference program, and additional information, please visit our website or contact the organizing committee at [email protected].

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