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Submission deadline: May 1, 2024

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Kairos, Journal of Philosophy & Science: CFP for June 2024 issue on "Resistance" // Submission deadline: May 1st

After an unfortunate silence, Kairos, Journal of Philosophy & Science, sends out a renewed Call for Papers. For opening this new chapter of the journal, we choose to focus on the concept of “resistance”. We believe that this concept matches Kairos’ aim of dealing with philosophical topics of major concern in the contemporary scientific and social realms.

We understand the concept of resistance according to a broad meaning spectrum: from scientific to naturalistic uses, referring to the resilience and fitness of a body, to the description of sophisticated social and political attitudes.

We would like to open the pages of Kairos, Journal of Philosophy & Science for your reflections on the theoretical complexity of this concept of "resistance". Aware of the many names and nicknames that surround the concept of resistance − dissidence, contestation, protest, civil disobedience, insurrection, revolt, rebellion, rejection, and also resilience, adaptability, flexibility, reaction, opposition, reluctance, etc. − we invite contributions that aim at shedding light on the theoretical and practical levels of the concept of resistance, in its epistemological, political, ontological, aesthetical dimensions. What does it mean to resist today? What do we need to resist today?  What forms can resistance take today? What new names does resistance adopt today? And which old ones has it, or should it shed?

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Kairos. Journal of Philosophy & Science is an international, open-access and peer-reviewed journal hosted and published by the University of Kansas Libraries. Kairos builds upon its past achievements and is committed to publishing original and relevant research in the areas of Philosophy and Science. It accepts philosophical articles motivated by scientific research as well as scientific articles dealing with philosophical problems. Kairos also accepts relevant papers dealing with new problems, areas and topics of philosophical and scientifically motivated research as well as with concepts of major philosophical significance in our time.

Kairos. Journal of Philosophy & Science publishes twice a year (January and June) and accepts papers written in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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