Imperatives of Alterity and Law in Levinas and Kant

July 15, 2024 - July 19, 2024
Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University

Universiteto str. 3
Vilnius 03108

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Vilnius University

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Topic Description:
Contrary to philosophy’s normal epistemological predilection, both Kant and Levinas argue for “the primacy of practical reason,” for “ethics as first philosophy,” finding morality at the root of all intelligibility.  Yet for Levinas moral imperative arises as responsible response to the other person’s alterity while for Kant it arises as dutiful respect for law in the other and oneself.
Through explication of texts and discussion, this seminar aims to clarify the grounds and some of the moral and political consequences of their agreement and disagreement.

To apply:
Ten scholars of philosophy and/or political philosophy – professors and graduate students – will be accepted to participate in this round-table seminar.
To apply send: (1) A detailed résumé, curriculum vitae, or brief biography with contact information for two professional references; (2) An application essay which should address your interest, both academic and personal, in the subject to be studied; qualifications and experiences that equip you to do the work of the seminar and to make a contribution to a learning community.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis from the present time until deadline, until all ten places are filled. A limited number of auditors will also be accepted. Please indicate if you are applying as an auditor.

There is no registration fee.  The LPSS provides no financial support.

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April 14, 2024, 11:45pm +03:00

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