CFP: Science, Causality and God : Divine Action in a Scientific Age

Submission deadline: August 31, 2024

Conference date(s):
October 28, 2024 - October 29, 2024

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The 2024 Online Conference Series is inspired by Key Themes from Arthur Peacocke's Work in what would have been his 100th year. Delegates are invited critically to re-engage with these themes from multi-faith perspectives and examine how they interact with the scientific, technological, and environmental challenges and opportunities posed by the 21st Century.

All Submissions MUST engage with conference themes at the intersection of science and religion. This engagement may include natural or social sciences. Ethnographic/sociological studies that address scientists' engagement with faith or how people of faith engage with science also fall within the remit of this call. Papers do NOT need to engage directly with Peacocke's work, but MUST engage with the conference theme.

“What kind of conception of how God acts in or, more generally, interacts with, the world can we possibly have in the light of scientific perspectives on that world – the presuppositions of which also underlie our scientific, psychological, sociological and historical events in human experience?” (Peacocke, Theology for a Scientific Age p.139)

We invite papers which (re-)engage with the question of divine action and causality within the science-religion dialogue. We welcome papers from a broad range of religious and faith perspectives and the papers do not need to engage directly with Peacocke’s own work, only central themes. The conference will explore and challenge key themes around divine action, causality, and science including:

•Forces, causality, and Divine Action

•God’s interaction and communication with the world

•Divine Action, the Causal Joint, and consciousness

•Laws of nature, ecology, and divine action

•Creation, co-creation, and continuous creation

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