CFP: Borders and Frontiers in Philosophy and Film: ISPiF annual meeting

Submission deadline: May 15, 2024

Conference date(s):
August 29, 2024 - August 31, 2024

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Conference Venue:

Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon
London, United Kingdom

Topic areas


Theme: Frontiers and Borders in Philosophy and Film

Abstract Deadline: May 1, 2024

Submission Guidelines and Instructions:

Extended abstracts should be 500-750 words, with standard font and margins.

Deadline: The deadline for receipt of abstracts is May 1, 2024. Any submission received after midnight Pacific time on this date will not be considered. Notification of acceptance will be provided mid-May.

If accepted, final papers, no longer than 15 pages, double spaced, must be provided by July 15th in order to be distributed to all participants in advance of the symposium. This is crucial to the format and success of the symposium, where authors will be provided only 10-12 minutes to summarize, emphasize, or further develop the contents of the full essay. This condensed presentation time, combined with all participants reading each accepted paper and viewing relevant films in advance, is intended to allow substantial time for questions and discussion following each presentation.

Please send all submissions as either a Word or PDF attachment to: [email protected]

ISPiF invites abstracts that address these (and other) questions concerning borders and frontiers in the philosophy of film:

“Border” Identities: To be and not to be; ambiguous personal identities; ambiguous belonging; the border of life and death; non-binary beings and modes of existence

Liminal Spaces: Borderlands; spaces between; existence on the margins; indefinite, emerging and dissolving borders

The Human and the Other-than-Human: Human/animal relations; human/AI relations; defining/upsetting the limits of the human

Inside-Out: Breaking down the walls that separate us; incarceration

Transgression of boundaries: Rebellion; revolution; escape from confinement; resistance

Immigration and Migration: Challenges to citizenship; journeys to new lands; hope, despair and the promised land; visions of the homeland

The Frontier Myth: The Western, American expansionism, the ‘final frontier’ and science fiction; shifting landscapes of the frontier; the gunslinger and individualism

New Frontiers: New developments in technology; the emergence of artificial intelligence; imagining new futures and landscapes; space exploration

Colonization and Colonialism: Portraits of Indigeneity; settler myths; constructions of otherness; American founding myths

Closing of the Frontier: The ‘anti-Western’ Western; the inescapable city; unimaginable futures; apocalyptic nightmares

Geographical Borders: The War film and national identity; gangster films and portraits of immigration; cosmopolitanism

Violence and Borders: Tribalism; Patriotism; xenophobia;

Temporal Boundaries: Relations between past, present and future; experiences of temporality

Supporting material

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