The Limits of Fiction

November 28, 2024 - November 29, 2024
Collège de France & École Normale Supérieure

Collège de France

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University of Edinburgh
Università degli Studi di Genova


Institut Jean Nicod
Institut Jean Nicod

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This workshop brings together researchers that explore the limits of the concept of ‘fiction’, or the limits of fiction itself. Topics of interest include:

  • What are limit cases of fiction?
  • What phenomena can we explain by reference to the ‘fictive stance’ and what phenomenon can we not explain in this way?
  • Investigations into non-standard/understudied fictions (e.g., metafiction, irony, video-games, virtual reality, fanfiction, etc.) and their theoretical ramifications for philosophy of fiction in general
  • The fiction/non-fiction border
  • The relation between fiction and concepts such as ‘illusion’, ‘deception’, ‘dreams’, etc.
  • The fictional ‘periphery’
  • Discourses that are not part of a fiction (i.e., not ‘fictional discourse’), but for which the concept of ‘fiction’ or a ‘fictive stance’ may still have some explanatory power (e.g., metafictional, parafictional, interfictional, counterfictional discourse, etc.).
  • etc.

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