CFP: Storyworlds: A Journal of Narrative Studies

Submission deadline: August 31, 2024

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Storyworlds: A Journal of Narrative Studies

Call for Papers for Special Issue “Colors in Econarratives about the Human and More-than-Human World“

In this special issue, econarratives of colors explore the complexities of pairing material environments with their representations with narrative forms of environmental understanding and ‘propose’ a change in how we interact with the environment today. This endeavor could be effectively executed while exploring storytelling of coloring imaginaries and sustainable futures as ‘narrative rehabilitation’ to draw attention to values and responsibilities and envision strategies to avoid possible ‘disastrous narrative endings’. Econarratives of colors could also be a new approach to overcoming the traditional dichotomies of how we see the world around us, including ourselves, laying the ground to think beyond colors in a more-than-human world. They might also encourage us to think beyond the classical narratological analysis, and consider new analytical tools suited to the current planetary challenges.

The working language is English. Please send an abstract of up to 300 words and further queries to Professor Karpouzou’s  e-mail at [email protected] and Dr. Zampaki’s e-mail at [email protected] until the 31st of August 2024. After the abstracts’ final selection and approval/acceptance, the Editors will notify the author(s) to submit their full in articles (6.000-8.000 words) to their e-mails by the end of February 2025.

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