Phenomenology of Nostalgia
Saulius Geniusas (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

March 27, 2024, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
University of Melbourne

Linkway on the 4th floor of the John Medley
The University of Melbourne
Melbourne 3010


Abstract: In an important article, Fred Davis writes: “Despite the word’s changing connotations since the seventeenth century, there remains one indisputable, albeit banal, feature of nostalgia upon which all agree, from those who have reflected only casually on the phenomenon to those who have studied it closely. This is that the material of nostalgic experience is the past.” The available phenomenological studies of nostalgia are also committed to this view. In my talk, I wish to bring this assumption into question. I will argue that nostalgia can be spoken of in three fundamental ways, as nostalgia for the past, nostalgia for the present, and nostalgia for the future.

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