CFP: Video Games and Virtue Theory: Level Up Your Character

Submission deadline: September 1, 2024

Topic areas


We invite submissions to be part of an edited volume on video games and virtue theory. While the volume currently isn’t under contract, Routledge has expressed interest in it. This volume has three related aims:

  1. To examine what the advantages and disadvantages virtue ethics has when thinking about the ethics of video games. For instance, does focusing on well-being and a life well-lived (eudaimonia) pose advantages over other normative theories when it comes to thinking about the gamer lifestyle? Or does it lack of concrete action guidance provide a disadvantage?
  1. To examine how virtue ethics can tackle issues that gamers regularly confront. For instance, how might virtue ethics access virtual friendships, grinding, violence, cheating, playing the meta, griefing, or cheesing in games? What might virtue ethics say about wasting time or the value of play?
  1. To examine individual virtues and virtue-education in the context of gaming. For instance, how might gaming help or hinder the cultivation of virtue? Are there unique virtues/vices of gaming, such as being a tryhard, gatekeeping, being a griefer?

Also, please note that we will be hosting an in-person conference on the Philosophy of Video Games, AFK in Florida, in Feb (exact date coming soon). While the conference and the edited volume are evaluated separately, if you’d like your abstract to also be considered for the conference, please let us know in the submission.


Editors: Sarah Malanowski & Nicholas Baima

Contact Email: [email protected]

Due Date: Sept. 1, 2024

Extended Abstract Length without references: No longer than 1,000 words

Bio: No longer than 500 words

Supporting material

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